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New Pathways to
Healthier Breathing

New Pathways to Healthier Breathing

Revitalize. Breathe. Thrive.

Ion Channel Solutions Empowering Respiratory Resilience.

Brevenair, Inc. is focused on commercializing drug candidates for a special class of Ladder Frame Polyethers (LFPs).  Our patent-pending New Chemical Entities (NCEs) could be the basis for a variety of major disease categories based on deficiencies in ion channels that lack ideal treatment options.

Ladder Frame Polyethers are taken into cells by active transport: endocytosis. Today, our LFP candidates represent a remarkable drug candidate to treat Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and COPD sufferers via nebulizer. Additional conditions are stroke (intra nasal delivery), cardiac disease and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

A “red tide” is a common term used for a harmful algal bloom

The original LFP investigated by Dr. Dan Baden (UNCW retired) is based on brevenal extracted compound from red-tide algae. Often in periods of high concentrations, stretches of Florida beaches are closed for health safety as the exposed brevetoxins in surface red-tide algae cause severe lung issues. The research team has been primarily funded by NIH and UNCW studying LFP compounds for over 25 years.

As an acclaimed UNCW professor and creator of the MarBioNC facility, Dr. Baden’s research discovered the active compounds, and the precise mechanism of action that promotes lung clearance.

Brevenal is the first biopharmaceutical to target Cystic Fibrosis by exploiting a mechanism that is not dependent on correcting CFTR activity as in other therapies. This is material finding in this indication with extremely limited treatment options.  Early research studies indicate Brevenal to exhibit a very high therapeutic index; that is to say, across a broad range of therapeutic doses.  Dr. Baden recently remarked, “We fully anticipate positive results of our upcoming toxicology studies based on the extremely low doses that have demonstrated positive effects.”

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Billy Meadow

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Dr. Daniel G. Baden • Founder

Emeritus Distinguished Professor and Director of Marine Science, Executive Principal of MARBIONC UNC Wilmington

Brevenair was founded by Dan, after his UNCW retirement in 2019.  He is internationally recognized for his R&D of the biopharmaceuticals produced by Karenia brevis.  His work includes 16 new bioactives, RIA, ELISA, antibodies, receptor binding assays, photoaffinity and fluorescent probes.  Funded by NIH 1979-2019, he has focused on ion channel diseases, therapeutic targets, and translational research.  The WB53 variant is personally owned by Professor Baden and he has licensed it globally for all fields of use to Brevenair, Inc.  Despite the original patents on Brevenal for CF having expired, Vertex owns the majority of the market share.  Meanwhile, the Company has proven proprietary technologies and methodologies along with more recent patent filings for unique derivatives of the Breven family of LFPs.

Dr. Andrea Bourdelais

President, Level 1 Fasteners

Andrea has 20+years of experience with the Ladder Frame Polyethers produced by Karenia brevis, and was the discoverer of Brevenal in cultures of K brevis while directing Dr. Baden’s laboratory at UNC Wilmington.  Andrea has the skills and experience to manage the establishment of the appropriate biopharmaceutical laboratories for culturing and brevenal derivative production.

Professor David J. Adams

University of Wollongong Australia

David is widely respected in the field of single channel patch clamp physiology, and its application to toxins and their receptor-binding antagonists.  He utilizes automated patch clamp (APC) recordings in a PatchLiner Octo (Nanion Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany) equipped with two EPC-10 quadro patch-clamp amplifiers (HEKA Electronics).  David has a long history of working with the Karenia brevis bioactive materials including brevetoxins and brevenal.  He and Professor Baden determined the brevetoxin mechanism of action, the SAR of the brevetoxins, and also antagonism of brevetoxin action by brevenal in a patch-clamp environment.

Thomas Williamson

President of Applied Chemistry Solutions, Inc. in Wilmington, NC

Thomas is an accomplished Ph.D. level scientist with 18 years of industry experience in NMR, Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), and pharmaceutical pipeline project management. He provided leadership of all NMR and MS structure elucidation at 5 Merck research sites. Thomas is a Principal in the MARBIONC program and Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UNC Wilmington since 2018.  He is developing in silico SAR relationships for second-generation brevenal derivatives (Brevenair – Patent Pending).  He has established preliminary modeling protocols and binding loci using CryoEM receptors, providing 21st century estimation of binding constants for ligands and receptors

Billy Meadow • Chairman & CEO

President of PERSOWN™ INC.

Billy is a 30+ year serial technology entrepreneur.  He has personally executed the launch and growth of ten companies to worldwide deployments. Details on LinkedIn.  He is passionate about identifying university research opportunities to commercialize their scientist’s innovations.  Most often, these researchers spend decades in their field, without the recognition and reward of bringing their work to help make the world a better place.  Billy bridges the gap to commercialization with business and capital expertise to help professors commercialize their inventions.  His current interest is to identify and accelerate innovative point-of-care medical technologies.  Billy cites, “The Brevenair team is ready.  Our execution strategy is established and ready to bring in new investors to accelerate the work in bringing a novel LFP platform for ion channel based drug compounds to markets worldwide.”